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Dear Ones,
I firmlly believe you already know what exactly what it is you need, whats missing, what you want to "say" to the world...if you feel stuck, feel alone, feel exhausted, resentful, sick...the answer is not a new diet, a new pill, another drug, nor RELOCATING.....the answer is IN YOU!
 You simply need caring validation, safe support, and practice with new tools.
Stop looking for happiness outside...go straight to the closest Mirror--THEREIN LIES THE ANSWER!
My name is Jenny Grace Shaw, I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist with a Private Practice in Wailea. I have several years experience working with individuals, couples, groups, and families struggling with such issues as Eating Disorders, Addictions, Trauma, Self-Harm, Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, Sexuality, Learning Challenges, Self-Confidence/Esteem, and Career/job distress.
I practice under the Holistic Philosophy--placing intense focus on the Mind Body and Spirt---for missing just one of the whole, does NOT result in true, long term health.
I am offering a 6 week Empowerment Workshop. Please see below.
I welcome you to loving you!
This is a great way to get a start on the holiday season--improving and maintaining Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness at a celebratory yet also stressful time.
During this workshop series, we will review the following topics:
   The significance of Primary Foods—Nutrients-qualities, values
   Fear-Shame--feeling it and doing it anyway!
   Relationships--communication, boundary setting, Codependency, Assertiveness
   Career/Job dissatisfaction
   Addictions---and other self-destructive coping styles birthed from early programming and internal beliefs
   Eating Disorders--body Image, Movement Training, the emotional pain of visibility, Social Anxiety
 Self-empowerment---taking personal inventory, making your own definitions, using your voice
 Your “truth”---becoming your Authentic Self
 EGO---Friend or Foe
 Mental Health Diagnosis--and as they relate to physiological health and environment
 Gluten---depression, Anxiety and other mood alterations
 Inflammation--the real Virus underneath all of our ailments
 Sugar Blues---The Socially Accepted Drug
   Psychosomatic  Symptoms---Real or Projected?
   Nutrition—Deficiencies and Nutritional Therapies
   Healthy Therapeutic Interventions---Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Workshop Outcomes—
--Increase understanding of how food and drink choices cause inflammation which affects your mood.
--Understand and appreciate the importance of Primary Foods
--Learn and practice new healthy coping and nutritional approaches for living authentically.
--Recognize personal boundaries and make changes in order to support them
--Identify and express personal “truth”, discover the significance of taking responsibility and releasing ego-centric false protection
--Identify and practice alternative therapeutic skills to increase spiritual connection
--Identify and process fears, shame, and old programming that continues to feed addictive, self-destructive behavior
--Recognize and address Conscious and Unconscious Co-dependent behaviors
--Increase self-awareness and practice self-esteem building skills
--Discover EMPATHY and how it can save your life!
--Restore Empowerment
Men and Women, ages 25 and over will benefit from this workshop.
Most insurances and credit cards accepted.
Sliding scale  available.
Workshop Schedule:
Saturdays 10-12:30 pm
Starting November 3 through December 15 (no class Thanksgiving Weekend in Honor and celebration)
Please feel free to call or email for further information. 
No Commitment is as IMPORTANT as the ONE YOU MAKE TO YOURSELF!
Jenny Grace Shaw, M.ED., LMHC, HHP