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                                                                                                                                                   LOVE IS THE ANSWER……
Aloha Dear Ones, often I see your tears, both visual and hidden. I hear your complaints, your pain, and the confusion you endure. I imagine holding you as I envision you standing vulnerable in the middle of the street shouting, “what about me?” I pray for you daily; requesting you redeem closure upon your angst, rewards for your trials, and healing for all of your ailments.
 Precious ones, as I continue my prayers for you, I ask that you join me. Refuse to look for happiness in such articles as money, lovers, and prestige, offer empathy in place of anger, and exert faith over condemnation.
 May you exercise the courage to stare into your own mirror, willingness to participate in healing, demand ego to adjourn, resign from denunciating projections, and renew your commitment to love.
 May you resist self-sabotage while celebrating the many gifts presented in both challenges and opportunities.
 When the reflection in the mirror returns your smile and your spirit assumes the oxygen you have been starving it, when you gracefully secure your power of choice, and allow your soul to love as freely as it so desperately craves, you will then be LIVING, not just EXISTING.  You shall actually become the solution to your intrinsic problem.
 LOVE is the answer, dear ones, NO MATTER the question.